Does Global Sevilla offer trial class?

Trial class is available for Playgroup, Kindergarten and Primary

What is the age criterion for joining Playgroups and Kindergarten?

  • Toddler : Sixteen (16) months or above
  • Nursery : Two (2) years or above
  • KG1 : Three (3) years or above as on 30 Sept of the relevant year
  • KG2 : Four (4) years or above as on 30 Sept of the relevant year
  • KG3 : Five (5) years or above as on 30 Sept of the relevant year

Will there be any admission test needed?

Admission test for English and Mathematics are given to candidates from Grade 1 onwards.


Are students given homework?

Homework is an integral part of teaching and serves to further support lesson that have been taught in class.

Are students required to attend the Indonesian National Examinations (UN)?

Students with Indonesian citizenship have to attend the Indonesian National Examinations at the end of Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 12, as well as the Cambridge examinations (in Grade 6, grade 8, Grade 10, and Grade 12). Non-Indonesian citizen students are exempted from the National Examinations, and would only be required to attend the Cambridge examinations.

Are students required to carry bags to school?

Students are required to carry books and stationery according to the daily timetable. The school provides a locker for students, where they can keep their books and other belongings.

Does the school provide transportation for students?

The school does not offer transportation service for students. Parents should make necessary arrangements to drop and pick-up their child/children.

How many terms are there in one academic year?

There are two (2) semesters/terms in one academic year. July - December and January - June

What curriculum does our school offer?

The school offers integrated Indonesian curriculum with the  British curriculum Programme for Playgroup and Kindergarten, Cambridge checkpoint for Grade 1-8, IGCSE for Grade 9-10 and A Levels for Grade 11-12.

What about grading and evaluation?

We believe that both ‘processes’ and ‘results’ are important. At Global Sevilla School, students are assessed based on their daily work, such as in-class participation and homework, as well as formative and summative tests. Group work is also part of the assessment. These assessments are not only a paper-pencil test, as evaluation of in-class presentations and practical applications are also included.

What are the languages offered in our school?

All main subjects are conducted in English. Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin are offered as additional language subjects.

When does the academic year commence?

The academic year for all classes begins in July.

Will Global Sevilla prepare my child to appear for the Indonesian National Examinations (UN)?

Students will be prepared for the UN during their daily classes, without interrupting the flow of the international curriculum. Test-taking skills will be practiced before the examination, in order to familiarise students with the UN examination paper format and questions. The final preparation, in the second semester, may be conducted after regular school hours.

Will there be any enrichment classes in school?

Yes, enrichment classes are a part of the regular school timetable.

Extra-curricular Activities

Are educational excursions a part the school’s academic calendar?

Yes, excursions and educational trips are a part of an active learning process. Excursions will be organised on a regular basis as indicated in the school calendar. 

Are there any additional charges for students to undertake extra or co-curricular activities?

There are no additional charges for participating in extra or co-curricular activities that are facilitated by the school. Charges are only applicable for activities that are facilitated by external providers.

Does the school encourage inter-house and inter-school competitions?

Global Sevilla organises a host of sports and extra-curricular events. Inter-house and inter-school level competitions are held throughout the academic year to foster the spirit of a healthy competition and sportsmanship amongst students.

What Extra-curricular activities are organised by the school?

Global Sevilla conducts a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as art and craft, mini cooking, ballet, drama club, Taekwondo, music ensemble, choir, soccer, basketball, photography, science club, entrepreneurship club, etc. 

School Practices & Facilities

Does the school have a canteen on campus?

The school has a canteen that provides meals, drinks & snacks

Does the school have a child counsellor?

Yes, our school has a child counsellor who is professionally taught to comprehend, empathise and discuss any matters with children. All discussions with our child counsellor are strictly kept confidential.

In case of a medical emergency, how will the school take care of my child?

In keeping with international standards, an in-house medical nurse is present at all times during school hours in order to attend to minor injuries and medical emergencies. For major emergencies, the student will be taken to the nearby hospital and parents will be informed simultaneously (Please note that our school will never ask parents by phone to transfer money for medical emergency.)

What are the regular school timings?

School timings are as follows:

  • Toddler: 08:00am – 09:30am, 10:00 – 11:30 am
  • Nursery: 7:30am – 09:30am, 10:00am – 12:00 pm
  • Kindergarten 1: 7:30am – 11:00am
  • Kindergarten 2: 7:30am – 12:00pm
  • Kindergarten 3: 7:30am – 12:30pm
  • Primary School (Grade 1 to 6): 7:30am to 1:50pm
  • Secondary School (Grade 7 to 12): 7:30am to 3:15pm

What are the sports facilities provided by the school?

Global Sevilla has a strong infrastructure in place to facilitate and support sports activities. The campus has swimming pools, an outdoor basketball court, grass soccer field, and a gymnasium for badminton, basketball and futsal.

What is the best way to pay tuition fees?

The most preferred form of tuition fee payment is through bank transfer. The school also accepts cash payments. Please be advised that parents will be responsible for cash brought to the school, and any loss or misplacement before the actual cash payment shall not be accredited as the school’s responsibility or negligence.

Will the school cater to children with special needs?

Presently, Global Sevilla will accept children with special needs on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty and Parent-teacher interaction

Do teachers undergo any professional development workshop?

Teachers undergo training courses and workshops on a regular basis, in order to enhance their professional skills. Teacher training is given a high degree of importance.

Does Global Sevilla organise social events for families?

Global Sevilla organises a number of social events each year to help families know each other better. In the beginning of the new academic year, parents are invited to a Parents’ meeting in the respective class of their child. Each class will choose a Class Mom or Class Dad to coordinate communication among parents and between parents & the school.

How often are Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) conducted?

PTMs are conducted once in every three (3) months.

Is there any other way to interact with teachers, other than a PTM?

Global Sevilla considers parents as partners in the education process and parents are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary.

What are the teachers’ nationalities?

The school's faculty is a multicultural mix of Indonesian and non-Indonesian teachers. Our professional and qualified teaching staffs come is from Indonesia, United Kingdom, USA, India, China and the Philippines.

What are the teachers’ qualifications?

The teaching faculty at Global Sevilla campuses is highly qualified and professional. Each teacher, has secured a Bachelor degree qualification as a minimum requirement.

What role do parents play?

Parents are always welcome to come to the school and their involvement is appreciated. The faculty requests parents to monitor home study assignments and review their child’s weekly work along with them. The school provides opportunities for parents to help with special events at school and to become involved in variety of other ways.


Can school uniforms be purchased from the school?

Yes, school uniforms can be purchased from the school admin.

Where can I purchase the schoolbooks?

School books can be purchased from the school admission office.

Which class will my child be admitted to, if s/he is moving from another school between the academic year?

The school will place the child according to his/her previous level in his/her last school, subject to an admission test.