Global Sevilla Pulo Mas campus and Global Sevilla Puri Indah campus were founded on 6th October 2002. It marked the commitment of the founders of the schools; the founders dreamed of a school with fun and meaningful educational environment for our future generations. Our School applies character building and academic excellence as our motivational strength in nurturing young learners; Global Sevilla is committed to create a learning environment that embraces both family and community.

Our school virtues are “Giving – Compassion - Self-Control” as the schools' motto; we believe that these virtues are the keys in developing character building in our school. Global Sevilla School is committed to provide students with an education that has both national and international recognitions. Having Cambridge curriculum as the base of our international curriculum, we have sought to open the windows of inquiry based learning and encouraged students to explore topics in both Indonesian and global context. Global Sevilla School have become the Centre for Cambridge International Examinations since November 2003.