Our History

    It all began at a lunch meeting in Cibubur in 2001. Our founders dreamt of building a school where equal emphasis is placed on academic excellence and character-building. The school will incorporate fun and meaningful activities, an essential requirement in a positive learning environment, suitable for the children of today! Global Sevilla will also be a school that is committed to work alongside parents of our students as well as our community!

    With this vision, Global Sevilla Pulomas and Global Sevilla Puri Indah were founded on 6th October 2002. It marked the commitment of the founders of the school. 

    Meet Our Founders

    Company team

    Dr. (H.C.) Sudhamek A.W.S., S.H., S.E.  

    He is the Chairman of DAW & Garuda food and was awarded the Ernst & Young Indonesia Entrepreneur of The year 2004. President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia inducted him as a member of KEIN (Komite Ekonomi dan Industri) in early 2016 and BPIP (Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila) in June 2017. He also serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MBI from 2018 - 2023.

    Since 2002, Sudhamek is actively involved in the field of education. His key interest is in human development. He believes that Global Sevilla School is a school where character building is emphasized and excellent academic standards can be achieved.

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    Late Prof. DR. Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nur)

    He received his PhD Degree from The University of Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was one of the national Moslem leaders who actively promoted inclusiveness and pluralism.

    For Global Sevilla School, Cak Nur had a dream of creating an international school that promotes character building. Now Mrs. Omi Komaria Madjid, Cak Nur’s wife, is a member of the School’s Advisory Board. She works hard to realise the hopes and dreams of Cak Nur for Global Sevilla School.

    Company team

    Vincent Jaya Saputra, M.Th., B.B.A., C.W.M.

    He is the Director of the Manufacturing Division of Kencana Group. Kencana Group owns several businesses, including manufacturing, trading, property development and banking. The company invest in countries such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

    Mr Vincent also manages three manufacturing companies: BNM Stainless Steel, Supra Aluminium Industri and Ekstrindo Laminasi. He is a businessman who actively promotes good business ethics and practices.

    Vision and Mission

    Our Vision

    To become the leading K-12 International-standard School with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in character, teaching and learning

    Our Mission

    Nurturing Global Students with character.

    School Values

    The following three values are important values that become our soul within the Global Sevilla Community. Our community is always reminded to apply these values in their daily activities.

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    给予 jǐ yǔ

    The practice of cultivating generosity for the happiness of others. With generous and joyful hearts, Global Sevillians love to share their blessings to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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    Welas Asih
    仁慈 /  rén cí 

    The effort put in to remove the sufferings of others. “Mission Possible” is what every child believes in. Genuine and kind, Global Sevillians uphold noble values to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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    Pengendalian Diri
    自制  /   zì zhì

    The ability to regulate one's emotions, thoughts and behaviour in the face of temptations or impulses. With resilience and perseverance, our students overcome difficulties and problems and have good sportsmanship qualities.

    School Pledge

    Our school community emphasizes safety by having the School Peace Zone Pledge. We believe that every child is born free and has a right to an excellent education. Global Sevilla is a peace zone and has no tolerance for: 

    ·        Drugs

    ·        Alcohol

    ·        Smoking

    ·        Verbal Abuse

    ·        Emotional Abuse

    ·        Physical Abuse

    We believe in reverence for human life and respect for each child's body and mind. Through discipline, responsibility, and assertiveness, we will protect our School Community.

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