GLOBAL SEVILLA: The Best Mindfulness-based Cambridge International School in Jakarta

Global Sevilla is the best Mindfulness-based Cambridge International school in Jakarta. Click the button below for more information about Global Sevilla.

                      GLOBAL SEVILLA: The Best Mindfulness-based
                      Cambridge International School in Jakarta

                      What makes Global Sevilla special as a Cambridge international school in Jakarta? As an international school, it is only logical that Global Sevilla undertakes an international brand of education and curriculum. One of the best ways to do this is by having the Cambridge system of education. The curriculum doesn’t only emphasize academic success, but students’ personal growth and development too. Parents can expect a lot of positive outcomes when they choose any educational institution with the Cambridge curriculum. They can expect their children to achieve both academic excellence and strong positive characteristics. 

                      What Cambridge Curriculum Does Global Sevilla School Offer?

                      global sevilla cambridge school jakartaglobal sevilla cambridge school jakarta

                      A Cambridge-based education would prepare students for the life in the world. The curriculum will help students develop a positive informed curiosity as well as the lasting passion and interest in learning. Not only are students encouraged to learn, but they will love the process too. At Global Sevilla, the Cambridge school curriculum can help students find, reveal, and discover new abilities – enabling students to understand themselves better. Students will develop skills, abilities, and the independence to perform and excel at school, university, and work

                      It is also important that students with Cambridge school qualifications have bigger chances of being accepted in most educational institutions throughout the world. That is because they have the skills and abilities to cope and perform well within any situation and condition. Parents can research and see the huge number of Cambridge curriculum students that are accepted widely every year into the globe’s top world-class study destinations

                      Different Curriculums for Different Levels

                      There are different curriculums offered by Global Sevilla, depending on the education level and stage

                      Playgroup and Kindergarten 

                      The school is implementing IEYC or International Early Years Curriculum for their young learners. Fieldwork Education in the United Kingdom is providing the curriculum, and young learners can learn while playing without compromising fun.

                      Primary School

                      The main curriculum being used is Cambridge Primary Checkpoint. Global Sevilla as a Cambridge School in Jakarta also provides the IPC or International Cambridge Primary from Fieldwork Education.

                      Different curriculums are being used for different level

                      1. Grade 7 – 8 uses Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum.

                      2. Grade 9 – 10 uses Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

                      3. Grade 11 - 12 uses Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) Level.

                      Cambridge Assessment International Education in the United Kingdom is responsible for providing the entire curriculum

                      The Cambridge curriculum has unique strengths in grading and evaluating students. Global Sevilla believes that both the learning process, as well as the results, are important. Students will be assessed on their daily performances and work, so homework, in-class participation, presentations, projects, and group work would contribute to the overall assessment.

                      Benefits of the Cambridge International Curriculum

                      As has been mentioned before, the Cambridge International Curriculum has great benefits as it is well-recognized and accepted worldwide. Most study destinations recognize the curriculum and its quality. Students from the Cambridge curriculum-based schools are known to be resilient, intelligent, and compassionate individuals.

                      Benefits of the Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum

                      One of the many advantages of using the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is the flexibility in dealing with different learners, situations, and settings. Young learners whose first language isn’t English can benefit greatly from this curriculum as they can adjust and adapt to meet their needs.

                      The many benefits of using this curriculum include the following:

                      1. Learners are encouraged to engage with different kinds of subjects as well as make connections between them

                      2. It is easy and pretty simple to add cross-curricular and extra perspectives

                      3. For schools, this curriculum provides a stimulating and flexible curriculum that is well supported with excellent training and resources

                      4. For learners, the curriculum helps to improve their performances. They can develop a good sense of problem-solving, creative thinking, and inquiry 

                      5. The curriculum has more than 70 subjects that can be combined

                      6. Not only does the curriculum can help the learners to excel academically, but they can also develop better cultural awareness, better communication in English, intellectual inquiry, and also responsiveness and flexibility to change

                      Benefits of the Cambridge Curriculum Compared to a Regular Curriculum

                      Every school has its policies and standards. Those who choose the regular curriculum can still expect the best outcome. However, parents who want their children to be successful not only in academics but also in their positive behavior and character may not be able to rely so much on the regular learning process. Most of the regular curriculum is still about the outcome and results, and not also about the process. And that’s where the Cambridge curriculum is different from the regular one.     

                      The Cambridge curriculum is about developing an individual overall, by focusing on each person’s likes, interests, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. All students in this Cambridge curriculum-based school will be encouraged to explore the world and find out what interests and excites them – and there won’t be any limitations to the process.

                      It is about the process as well as a result, in which students should enjoy the entire journey before they finally understand themselves better. It is safe to say that the Cambridge Curriculum Indonesia can help each student finally realize their true potential, so they can be the best both academically and personally.

                      How Global Sevilla Became Cambridge International School?

                      To become a cambridge international school a school requires a Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Global sevilla follows what it takes to become a cambridge international school which you can see at with these steps:

                      1. Global Sevilla statement why you want to join Cambridge school.

                      2. Complete the application form provided by Cambridge school.

                      3. Cambridge school made a visit to the Global Sevilla school.

                      4. Cambridge approval to elevate Global Sevilla to become Cambridge International School.

                      Advantages of Students Studying at Cambridge International School

                      Global Sevilla has passed the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), so it has been qualified to become a Cambridge International School. Students will benefit:

                      • Affiliated with University of Cambridge

                      Being affiliated with the University of Cambridge is very suitable for students who want to settle abroad. Global, intellectual and practical learning methods so that students are built to think creatively in problem-solving.

                      • Cambridge Council acknowledgment

                      Because it has been recognized by the Cambridge Council students will have an advantage when applying to study in the UK.

                      • Learning Focus

                      Cambridge focuses on learning in the Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, and Languages.

                      Global Sevilla: The Best Cambridge International School in Jakarta, Indonesia

                      Parents who have read the previous sections will see that the school has a lot of positive and promising qualities which are highly sought after by all parents who want the best for their children. Not only will their children get the best education, but they will also experience solid character building that can help them in their future lives and careers.

                      As one of the leading Cambridge international schools in Jakarta, with a flexible curriculum that focuses on the students well-being and requirements, it is only logical that parents make this institution – Global Sevilla - their main choice.