Enhancing Children's Development: Global Sevilla's Extracurricular Activity Program

Discover excellent extracurricular programs at Global Sevilla that enrich the child's experience and encourage the development of his potential

The majority of secondary schools facilitate various types of extracurricular activities for their students. Such activity categories include student associations, sports, the latest technologies, religion, and the arts. 

After learning values and norms in the classroom, extracurricular activities help students practice cultural reflection on individual and group responsibility, teamwork, diversity, and togetherness in the school environment. In addition, students are trained in physical strength and endurance and learn how to study wisely for competitions.

The stigma that has developed in the community is that student academic achievement is the only educational benchmark used by teachers to evaluate student success. But in reality, adolescents who participate in extracurricular activities show higher levels of academic achievement, better character development, broader social development, and sensitivity to the importance of involvement in the community.

Therefore, it is important for students to have the opportunity to learn further and beyond the formal academic curriculum. 

The following summary will explore the excellent extracurricular programs available at Global Sevilla, which can enrich the child's experience and encourage the development of the child's potential.

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Extracurricular Activities For Child Development

Extracurricular activity (ECA), also known as Extra Academic Activity (EAA), is a program outside the academic field or general subjects with various types of activities, which can be sports, arts, information technology, community services, student organizations, journalism, religion, and many more.

Extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to develop interests and talents in addition to the academic field, without us even realizing it. The benefits obtained by students can be divided into two aspects, namely internal and external.

Internal aspects include improving cognitive abilities, physical endurance, and the emotional training of children. The external aspects are about helping them build social skills, cultivate leadership, cooperation, and the ability to manage time. It is through play that children learn best about themselves and the outside world.

Some experts attest that students who frequently participate in extracurricular activities tend to have higher grades, better exam scores, and a more positive educational experience in general (Fredricks, 2011). For example, participation in extracurricular activities is associated with a 2% increase in math and science test scores (Lipscomb, 2007, p. 470). 

In addition, students who engage in extracurricular activities have a 10% increase in the expectation of achieving a college degree compared to those who do not participate in extracurricular activities (Lipscomb, 2007, p. 470). Thus, the child's participation in such activities has been shown to have a positive impact on student academic achievement. 

Recent research has also shown that participation in extracurricular activities can increase students’ sense of involvement or closeness to school, and therefore reduce the likelihood of school failure and dropout (Lamborn et al., 1992; Finn, 1993).

Extracurricular activities at Global Sevilla

The various extracurricular activities that are run in Global Sevilla include arts and crafts such as mini cooking, ballet, music ensembles, choirs, drama clubs, and photography; sports, such as taekwondo, football, and basketball; and clubs and associations, such as science clubs and entrepreneurship clubs.

There are many facilities that support students’ sports and extracurricular activities, such as swimming pools, outdoor basketball courts, grass soccer fields, and sports halls for badminton, basketball, and futsal.

For the record, extracurricular activities may change annually depending on the number of participants. For participation in extracurricular activities, students will not be charged an additional fee (except for activities facilitated by external providers).

In order to foster a sense of sportsmanship and improve competence in their ECA, students are often involved as well in inter-home and inter-school sports and extracurricular competitions, which are held throughout the academic year at regular intervals.

Several Global Sevilla alumni have given glowing testimonials of their school experiences with impressive extracurriculars while studying at Global Sevilla. 

Among them is Cantika Abigail (singer), who revealed that Global Sevilla is able to provide the required facilities that support its students in various fields, such as sports, music, and other fields. Cantika feels that during her education at Global Sevilla, she has had the opportunity to develop her interest and talent in music. Global Sevilla is an exceptional place for both academic achievement and extracurricular activities.

Then there is Danielle Daphne, a female soccer player for the Indonesian national team who thinks that Global Sevilla is a great place to excel in academic achievement and extracurricular activities. She recalls that it was not easy for her to live life as a female athlete and school student, but it became easier and more fun to go through the experience at Global Sevilla.


In conclusion, extracurricular activities provide a channel for reinforcing lessons learnt in the classroom, allowing students to apply academic skills in real-world contexts, and are considered part of a comprehensive education.

In addition, extracurricular activities also have a positive impact on student academic achievement, train students to be more varied and multifaceted so that they will have many choices according to their interests and talents, and open up more opportunities for students when they go on to their next education level.

Explore a variety of exciting extracurricular activities at Global Sevilla, that help children develop their talents and interests globally. Join us for a great educational experience.