International Elementary School in Jakarta: Global Sevilla

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The ideal type of Primary School for children provides a caring and holistic environment, focuses on holistic development, and offers a comprehensive education. In addition, schools should prioritize the safety and well-being of their students, providing a welcoming atmosphere in which children feel comfortable expressing themselves. 

Refers to a specific period in childhood characterized by significant growth and development in various aspects. Where the early years of Child Development or early years of elementary school is a “Golden Age” for children. This stage is often considered important for forming the basic character of the child.

So that the role of parents in choosing education, especially school, becomes crucial in paving the way for the learning and development of children in the future.

Global Seville International Primary School supports students in developing the skills to become confident and inspired learners by providing them with opportunities to progress towards their goals of academic learning, personal learning, and global learning.

What are the ideal factors of Seville Global International Primary School? Here are the detailed explanations.

  1. Best International Curriculum

In the Primary Schools Department, Global Sevilla focuses on Inquiry-Based Active Learning methods, combining the two curricula. The main curriculum is Cambridge Primary which emphasizes mastery of English, Mathematics and Science. The second curriculum is the so-called International Primary Curriculum or IPC, which forms the basis for all learning at the Seville Global School by using topics that are contemporary and adapted to children.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a curriculum that includes comprehensive, themed and creative aspects for children aged 3 to 12 years. The curriculum has a clear learning process and sets specific learning goals for each subject, with a focus on international understanding and personal learning. Some examples of topics covered in this curriculum include Environment, Sound and Light, Style, The Human Body, Electricity, and Celebration.

  1. Mindfulness for Student Development

As we know, mindfulness has an important role in improving cognitive abilities, including working memory and executive function, which can have an impact on improving academic performance.

At Global Sevilla, a mindfulness approach is taken by focusing on practicing mindful actions throughout the day, while enjoying the serene flow of the day. All elements of the school gather as a community to appreciate the importance of awareness in everyday life.

By adopting a mindfulness culture, students can achieve overall well-being and improve their ability to deal with challenges and pressures in school and everyday life.

  1. The Process Of Learning Activities

In each lesson, various activities are carried out in the classroom, either individually, in pairs, in groups, or as a class as a whole. A learning approach adapted to the child's age ensures that the child performs challenging tasks following the set goals.

All major subjects are taught in English, while Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin are offered as additional language subjects. Homework is given to support learning and reinforce lessons/concepts that have been taught in class. The number of household chores will be adjusted.

There are two semesters in each academic year, each consisting of 2 periods. The first Semester runs from July to December, while the second semester runs from January to June. Each period usually has a duration of about 10/11 weeks.

  1. Assessment Methods

Students are assessed based on active class participation, and completion of daily tasks, as well as through formative and summative evaluations conducted throughout the school year. In addition, the overall assessment of each student also includes group work, projects and presentations in the classroom.

Effective evaluation of students is carried out taking into account the stages of the learning process and the results achieved. There are also remedial or enrichment classes organize according to the needs of students.

  1. International Standard Facilities

Global Seville has well-equipped facilities to support student activities. Each campus equipped with modern classrooms and qualified sports facilities such as swimming pools, outdoor basketball courts, grass soccer fields and sports halls that can be use for badminton, basketball and futsal.

There is also a canteen that provides healthy food, drinks and snacks that parents and students can buy and a student clinic with medical nurses who are ready to help during school hours.

All students are required to bring the necessary books and stationery according to the daily schedule. The school provides lockers for each student to be able to store books and personal belongings while at school.


Global Sevilla allows children of primary school age to access and demonstrate their learning progress most effectively according to the needs and potential of each individual.

By applying an inquiry-based Active Learning method that combines two curricula. Global Sevilla also adopts a mindfulness approach in schools to improve students ' well-being and help them deal with daily challenges. In addition, Global Sevilla also provides complete facilities to support students ' learning activities.

Our mission is to help individuals develop a balanced personality, possessing not only academic excellence but also strong values, global awareness, and a sense of responsibility. Join us in shaping tomorrow's leaders with a global perspective.

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