Community Service

"Hands in the Society, Head in the Forest"

Having a deep sense of care for the welfare of the community, Global Sevillians love to engage in activities that will positively impact the lives of others. Habitat for Humanity is one such organization where the students raise funds, as well as go all out to build homes for people in need regardless, of their race or religion.

The students feel a sense of contentment when they witness the radiant smiles and the joy in the faces of those who can now have a roof over their heads in more hygienic conditions and enjoy clean water to drink.

Compassion in Action 

Global Sevilla School aims to nurture “Global students with good character.” The “Compassion in Action” programme in Global Sevilla School hopes to instil in all our students the school’s core values of giving, compassion and self-control.
This constitutes an important part of our students’ learning process and helps them to be more mindful individuals too.

The programme includes in-school fundraising activities and regular visits to orphanages and old-age homes. Our students also renovate dilapidated school buildings in various areas around Indonesia. When our students visit the underprivileged, they offer their services and donate needed materials to help improve their standard of living. Projects such as organising blood donation drives with the Red Cross are also a regular part of the school’s activities.

On a recent trip to Kampung Melo, Labuan Bajo, Flores, our students devoted their time to give a fresh coat of paint to a school, SD Melo, and helped to fix the broken road near the school. Besides this, they taught Mathematics, Science and English to their Grade 4-6 students. The students at SD Melo were also very delighted to receive used textbooks, storybooks and new school supplies from our students.