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Disney - My Son Pinocchio Jr

1 March 2024, Global Sevilla Pulo Mas

        The musical drama "My Son Pinocchio Jr." is a popular classic story that has been adapted in various versions, both on the big screen and in musical dramas. "My Son Pinocchio Jr." tells the journey of Geppetto, a toy shop owner who longs to have a child. His wish comes true thanks to the magic of the Blue Fairy, who brings Pinocchio, one of Geppetto's toys, to life.

        Geppetto believes that Pinocchio is his son, and he cares for Pinocchio as if he were a human. However, Pinocchio experiences significant differences from real humans—his nose grows when he lies. Upon learning this, Geppetto is in disbelief and immediately seeks out the Blue Fairy.

        This story teaches us about the role of parents, responsibility, love, and the incredible journey to becoming a noble person. Certainly, there are many challenges that Geppetto and Pinocchio must face.

        In addition to Mindfulness, Global Sevilla School also teaches Giving, Compassion, and Self-Control, which are deemed very suitable for the story of "My Son Pinocchio Jr." From this story, students and parents are expected to take deep and meaningful messages and be able to see the talent of their children on the day of the performance.

        The musical drama "My Son Pinocchio Jr." is performed by 300 Global Sevilla Elementary School students in fluent English. The performance quality has also been maximised with our preparations of up to two months. The students have been enthusiastic during rehearsals at school with the help of our highly dedicated teachers.

        Musical drama is one of the strengths of Global Sevilla Pulo Mas. Through it, students learn about the various traits and characteristics of the different characters they portray, gain a deeper understanding of human nature and of course, hone their confidence in speaking, singing, dancing and performing in public.
Global Sevilla is a school with an international curriculum that emphasises character education and virtues through mindfulness in its teaching and learning process. Thus, non-academic potentials are also developed along with the academic potentials of children.

About Global Sevilla School 

        Global Sevilla School is one of the few international schools in the world to include mindfulness in the school’s character-building program. We provide holistic education for Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary levels that nurtures students' intellectual, emotional, and social development. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the school empowers students to become lifelong learners and leaders in a globalised world.

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