Recommended International Schools in West Jakarta

Finding a quality school for children is not an easy matter you need to consider several important factors to sort through the variety of excellent school options. Such as, for example, the curriculum used, the school facilities available, the qualifications of educators, the location of the establishment of the school, and much more.

By considering some of these factors, you as a parent can make a more proportionate decision when choosing the International School that best suits your educational goals and aspirations.

What are these factors? Here's our complete review for you:

  1. Curriculum

The curriculum provides guidelines and structure for the learning process in schools. It includes the determination of learning objectives, the content of the subject matter, as well as the sequence and methods of teaching used. With the curriculum, the school has a clear direction in planning and implementing learning activities. The curriculum also sets standards and indicators that must be achieved by students in learning. 

International schools often adopt educational programs from outside , such as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), International Baccalaureate (IB), and national curricula from other countries. Re-examine any curriculum that aligns with your child's educational goals and plans, then consider the school to be on the top list of choices.

  1. Qualification Of Teaching Staff

Teachers act as educators who assist students in developing their potential and personality as a whole. Teachers not only teach the subject matter but also assist students in developing social, emotional, and ethical skills that are essential to everyday life.

You can find information on the qualifications of educators ranging from relevant degrees, certifications, or experience in international education. Qualified and experienced teachers will automatically contribute to a high-quality learning environment.

  1. Facilities and Resources

Look for information about school facilities through brochures and official website pages if necessary go directly to the school in question. Some of the facilities that must be considered are classrooms, libraries, science laboratories, sports facilities, and technology integration. Adequate resources will support a conducive learning environment for children.

  1. Parental Involvement

A strong partnership between parents and schools can improve the quality of education, because parents also play a role in carrying out supervisory functions on the course of teaching and learning programs in schools. Look for opportunities to engage with the school's parent community by attending parent-teacher conferences, taking part in trial classes, and participating in other school events.

  1. Reviews and Recommendations:

Read online reviews and testimonials to gain insight into the strengths, weaknesses and overall reputation of the school. Through this forum, you can easily assess school performance in terms of the quality and achievements of its alumni.

The tip is, to verify the information provided in the testimonial. You can seek additional sources or seek the opinion of others with relevant experience or knowledge.

  1. Character Building Classes

In the early stages of education, children need to develop the right attitudes, cultivate strengths of character, and encourage values such as perseverance, self-control, self-awareness, empathy, and integrity. These attitudes involve creativity, passion, and resilience that give children the ability to face and embrace life's challenges.

Education experts understand it as establishing and maintaining supportive relationships, as well as making responsible and caring decisions in the formation of the child's mentality and character.

  1. Strategic School Location

School location is an important factor for many parents in choosing a school for their children. A school location close to home or residence can reduce the time and effort required to travel to school. It can also help avoid traffic jams and guarantee the availability of convenient transportation.

Choosing a school that is located in a safe location and is visible to the public gives parents confidence that their children will be in a safe environment during school time.

Compare These Factors With Global Seville

Global Sevilla is a school with an international curriculum, one of which is located in Puri Indah, West Jakarta. Global Sevilla guides its students to develop socially, academically and emotionally through the Mindfulness method.

Undoubtedly, some of the achievements achieved by Global Sevilla students include the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award 2022 for Biology and English General Paper subjects.

Let's compare the above factors with the facts that exist in Global Sevilla:

  1. Parents Need To Evaluate The Curriculum Offered By The School

Global Sevilla implements Cambridge's international curriculum, which is renowned for its rigorous and internationally recognized programs. Students are prepared for Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-level examinations.

  • At the primary school level of grades 1-6, in addition to the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations, the school also offers the International basic curriculum (IPC) from Fieldwork Education, United Kingdom.

  • At the secondary school level, the school follows Cambridge IGCSE for grades 9-10 and Cambridge International AS and A Level for Grades 11-12. 

All Cambridge curriculum are provided by Cambridge Assessment International Education, United Kingdom.

  1. Research the qualifications and experience of the teaching staff

The teaching staff at Global Sevilla are highly qualified and professional based on their competence as educators. The process of selecting the teaching team goes through a rigorous selection process, namely through the stages of interviews and psychological tests, and there is regular professional development for all teachers every year.

The teaching staff at Global Sevilla is a multicultural mix of Indonesian and non-Indonesian teachers who come from Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and the Philippines. Of course, Global Sevilla recruits these teachers based on their competence as educators.

  1. Assessment Of School Facilities, Resources, And Infrastructure

Global Sevilla provides a variety of the best facilities to support the activities of its students. Among them are classrooms, Amphitheater, a laboratory (for Physics, Chemistry and computer subjects), a library, and a swimming pool (for kindergarten students and teenagers)

In accordance with international standards, during school hours there is always a medical nurse in the student's Clinic who is ready to help in dealing with minor injuries and medical emergencies, if any. It is important to note here that Global Sevilla will never ask parents to transfer money in the event of any medical emergency.

The school has a canteen that provides healthy meals, drinks and snacks that can be purchased by parents and students.

Global Sevilla also has a strong infrastructure to facilitate and support sports activities. Each campus has swimming pools, outdoor basketball courts, grass soccer fields, and sports halls for badminton, basketball, and futsal.

  1. Consider the Parent Community

Global Sevilla encourages parental involvement and maintains open communication with them in various ways. Parents are given facilities to be actively involved in their children's education through parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and school events.

  1. Look for Testimonials from Parents and Alumni Students

In today's digital era will not be difficult to find various testimonials about something online. As with reviews about Global Seville, you can also search directly through the school's official website. The following are testimonials from "parents" and "alumni students".

  1. Understand the Latest Child Character Development Methods (Mindfulness can be beneficial for students)

Global Sevilla applies mindfulness methods in helping children to focus on the present, so that it has an impact on children's sensitivity to the learning process. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises, can help students reduce stress, increase focus and attention, improve emotional well-being, and develop resilience.

By instilling mindfulness regularly, it has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, including working memory and executive function, which can lead to improved student academic performance.

  1. Puri Indah is a Strategic Location for Many International Schools in West Jakarta

The Puri Indah area is locate in West Jakarta, Indonesia. Puri Indah is an area known for its residential, shopping centres and commercial areas. This area is quite popular for residents of West Jakarta and its surroundings because it provides various conveniences and complete facilities.

One of the favourite things for parents around the West Jakarta Area, Tangerang City and its surroundings is they can find a wide selection of international schools there, one of which is Global Sevilla Puri Indah Campus. Not only is it easy in terms of access (both to downtown Jakarta and the surrounding areas via toll roads and public transportation), this area is surround by various facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants, banks, schools, hospitals and housing complexes.


Global Seville is a school that implements the famous and internationally recognized Cambridge International Curriculum. The teaching staff here are highly qualified and professional, selected through a rigorous selection process and continue to receive regular professional development.

This school provides facilities that meet international standards to support student activities. Global Sevilla also encourages parental involvement and maintains open communication with them through various means, such as parent-teacher conferences, workshops and school events.

Global Sevilla applies mindfulness methods in children's education to help them focus on the moment and increase their sensitivity to the learning process. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises, benefit students in reducing stress, increasing focus and attention, and developing emotional well-being and resilience.

The good news is that Global Sevilla is not difficult to reach from your location, one of its campuses is located in the Puri Indah area in West Jakarta and its surroundings, which is a favourite choice for parents when looking for an international school in West Jakarta. This area not only offers easy access to downtown Jakarta and its surroundings via toll roads and public transportation but is also surrounded by various facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants, banks, schools, hospitals and housing complexes.

This makes Global Sevilla Puri Indah Campus a comfortable and complete school for children's education. Immediately fill in the registration form here, and enjoy your child's extraordinary development through this valuable experience with Global Sevilla.